About Sxored

Do the lending, not the verification.

Sxored is built for institutional loan providers to take full control over their risks. With our integrated Sxored Hub dashboard, lenders can gain end-to-end transparency on every applicant for faster and reliable lending decisions.

  • Gather and verify accurate information
  • Fraudless lending decisions
  • Increase high-quality lending output

Why Sxored?

ID Card Processing

Cross-check uploaded ID Card in database with real-time photo

Identity Verification

Easily comply with KYC regulations with direct OCR and ID verification

Bank Account Connect

Gain visibility on accurate income and expense statements from 10+ banks

Employement Data Connect

Verify salaries and employment status without manual calls

Investment Data Connect

Connect with applicant’s investment portfolios for a holistic view on their financial capabilities

Credit Score Information

Have full visibility on the credit quality and history for more informed decisions to lenders

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